From one presidential campaign to another. Donald Trump, who dreams of challenging Joe Biden again, will first have to face criminal justice in New York. On Tuesday, Manhattan Judge Juan Merchan set the date for the start of the former US president’s trial in the Stormy Daniels case for March 25, 2024. Either in the middle of a Republican primary that will see Donald Trump face Ron DeSantis, who is due to announce his candidacy this Wednesday.

In early April, Donald Trump was charged with 34 charges of “falsifying financial documents”, a first for a former president. He is accused of seeking to conceal repayments of a payment made by his then-attorney, Michael Cohen, who bought porn actress Stormy Daniels’ silence on the eve of the 2016 presidential election. Donald Trump pleaded not guilty, saying it was a private matter and not campaign expenses, which are tightly regulated and must be disclosed.

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On Tuesday, Judge Merchan imposed limits on what Donald Trump will be able to post on social media, prohibiting him from sharing the documents disclosed by the prosecution to allow him to prepare his defense.

This lawsuit risks preventing Donald Trump from campaigning in the final stretch of the Republican primary. But while he is a big favorite, he could already be in an armchair.

In 2016, Donald Trump had reached the 50% mark of delegates needed to win the nomination in May. But if he is at the level of his current polls (between 50 and 60% of the voting intentions), he could already have the nomination in his pocket, or be very close to it, unless Ron DeSantis increases in power. We recall: even in the event of a prison sentence, Donald Trump would have the right to run for president. Only Congress has the power to impose ineligibility on impeachment.

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