This Monday the first Pasaplatos Famosos program hosted by Paula Chavezwhich, would not be very happy to Carina Zampinisince she drives serving hatch in its original version and despite denying that there is an internal one and ensuring that due to the schedule it would have been impossible for it to conduct the two editions, in LAM they revealed new details of that bid that is an open secret.

“There are several problems here”that’s how calm it started brito angel before going into details of the new data that accounts for the “jealousy” and “anger” of the presenter of Pasaplatos por Paula Chaves.

They reveal unusual details of the bid for Famous Portholes between Carina Zampini and Paula Chaves
Famous serving hatches.

Problem one: “Above all the internal conflict between the two versions, which are also produced by the same people… They only change the host and from strangers to celebrities… Paula Chaves was given a huge, gigantic dressing room and Carina Zampini was given a studio apartment”De Brito said.

Problem 2: «Another thing that he tells me is that Carina, in recent days, has been looking like a cu** and said in passingr, “Luckily they were going to take care of the program”, referring to production. By duplicating the program, feel the tampering. Obviously Carina He is professional and he is going to say it on camera for hours because he is with the program on the air”, said the journalist.

They reveal unusual details of the bid for Famous Portholes between Carina Zampini and Paula Chaves
Carina Zampini

Yanina Latorre took sides and left Paula Chaves aside

After listening to Carina’s defense where she denied that she had problems due to the arrival of Paula to drive Famous Pasaplatos and where she wished her much success, Yanina Latorre spoke about it: “She talked too much and when you justify yourself so much, she is not comfortable. She put a lot of will into saying that she did not care (that Paula was the driver).”

Yanina Latorre sided with Carina Zampini When he said that he understood it: “Be careful, I understand it, it’s super uncomfortable. It has to be uncomfortable,” the panelist remarked and then closed: “It is not done, it is not duplicated with another driver. Your ego touches you,” referring to the famous version of Pasaplatos that drives Paula Chavez after the broadcast of Zampini’s.


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