Accident on the Medellín-Bogotá highway.  Two children died.  (Video capture from Twitter - @DenunciasAntio2)
Accident on the Medellín-Bogotá highway. Two children died. (Video capture from Twitter – @DenunciasAntio2)

A fatal accident mourns the community of Saint Louis, Antioquia. Two children died and two others were injured in an accident that would have occurred due to a micro sleep of the driver when she was moving on the Medellín-Bogotá highway.

The events occurred on Thursday, May 25, 2023, when a group of students who were moving near the important road corridor were hit by a van.

The first versions indicated that the truck had run out of brakes, so the driver had lost control. The truth is that the vehicle ended up hitting the four children, leaving two fatalities as a result.

Despite the fact that this first version gained strength at the beginning, it was recently learned that the authorities had ruled out a mechanical failure and it was established that the accident in the via Medellín-Bogotá in which two children died would have been due to a microsleep.

Apparently the driver of the truck, whose identity is unknown, fell asleep for a few seconds and it was then that she collided with the four students, minors between the ages of six and 13.

“Apparently the causes are due to a micro dream. The person who was driving the vehicle was a woman, but because it is a matter of investigation, we refrain from revealing her identity, ”said the mayor of San Luis, Henry Édilson Suárezquoted by the broadcaster Blue Radio.

According to information revealed by the aforementioned station, the local president also ruled out that the woman was under the influence of alcohol or another substance when the accident occurred.

Despite this new information that has come to light, it is still necessary to wait for the final reports from the corresponding authorities. It is worth remembering that after the accident an investigation was launched to establish the causes of the accident.

The two children who died after being struck by the truck were identified as Juan Esteban Ciro, 13 years old, and Jaison Ciro, 9 years oldas revealed by the local newspaper The Colombian.

According to the information provided by the mayor of San Luis, Henry Édilson Suárez, Jaison Ciro died at the scene of the accident, while the other three minors were transferred to the San Rafael Hospital, located in that municipality.

The relative of the first fatality died in the medical center, who was intervened by medical personnel when he lost his vital signs.

The reports of the other two minors indicated that they were out of danger since they were treated; however, after being evaluated at the medical center of the municipality where the accident occurred, they were transferred to the General Hospital of Medellín.

In this care center they undergo various medical tests to rule out any type of injury that is not visible, but that may affect its integrity.

“They were received by our doctors from the emergency department, conscious, hemodynamically stable, and the respective tests were ordered to define behavior and management,” doctor Antonio Cruz Riaño, assistant manager of care processes at the General Hospital of Medellín, told the Blu Radio station.

It is noteworthy that once the traffic accident was recorded on the Medellín-Bogotá highway, the inhabitants of that sector came to provide support and called the emergency lines to request the presence of ambulances at the site. This was recorded in some videos released through social networks.

This quick action by the inhabitants of the municipality of San Luis would have been decisive for the care of the two survivors of the accident.

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