Dalma Maradona was interviewed by the notero of THE M about the statements he had previously given Jimena Baron about his relationship with the daughters of Claudia Villafane.

The singer assured, among other things, that the Maradona sisters and their mother They had made the decision to get away from her after the scandal that also involved her ex, daniel osvaldo.

Dalma Maradona and Jimena Baron
Dalma Maradona.

The word of Dalma Maradona in LAM

Dalma Maradona confessed that she wrote to Jimena Barón after having seen the note that the singer had given. “I want to talk to her privately”, indicated the actress without giving details of what she wants to say to La Cobra.

Then, the daughter of Diego Maradona pointed out: “The one who was a friend, a friend of hers, was me. Since I was 11 years old.”

So far, the singer had not responded. Maybe I will and they can restart their friendship of so many years.

Dalma Maradona and Jimena Baron
Dalma Maradona.

What Jimena Barón had said about Dalma Maradona in LAM

Regarding his friendship with Dalma Maradona, Jimena Baron revealed: “There was a family decision to be absent, which is like the story of my life. I try to empathize but it doesn’t seem fair to a lifelong friend, from a very young age“. These were the statements of the singer in LAM, the cycle of shows of Angel De Brito, about what happened after the infidelity of daniel osvaldo with Gianna Maradona.

Later, he concluded: “I love her very much and at this point in my life it’s been a while since I kept the good things and moved forward too, because you also have to let go and move forward“.

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