Coti Romero He gave a lot of talk throughout his stay inside the Big Brother house and, once out of reality, he continued to be present in the media and has a promising future. Since his departure, he has had many job proposals, his greatest opportunities being his incorporation into the panel of THE M and her future participation in Dancing 2023. However, she put a condition to be a participant: dance with her boyfriend, the Rabbit.

The one who told that Coti Romero had been summoned to Bailando 2023 was Angel De Britothe king of the scoops related to the show and the host of THE M at night of America TV. At that time, he revealed that the former Big Brother 2022 participant had been summoned along with Rabbit, her boyfriend. But now, the same driver withdrew what he said and assured that the Corrientes will participate alone.

Coti Romero responded to Daniela Celis and was lethal
Coti Romero in LAM

After revealing that Coti Romero will go to Dancing 2023 without the Rabbit, Angel De Brito released a possible dancer with whom he will have to participate in Marcelo Tinelli’s intense dance contest, this time for America TV. According to the journalist, it will be Maxi Diorio who will accompany the correntina. Apparently, the production of the program would have asked the former Big Brother participant that she had to agree to participate with a professional dancer to be part of it.

Coti Romero responded to Daniela Celis

Coti Romero is dabbling in the media, and recently took one of the biggest steps in his media career: he started as little angel in THE Mthe program of Angel De Brito in America TV. At the moment, it is replacing Nazarena Velez during your vacation, but of course if the driver is convinced by the ex-sister’s performance, it can be effective.

Thiago and Daniela Celis
Daniela Celis with Thiago Medina

In THE M, Coti Romero He took advantage of his space and answered Daniela Celis after their fight. eyelash, in very morninghad assured that she has no relationship with Corrientes because she did not like how she talked about her outside the house and that she prefers to stay away from people with bad vibes.

as usual Coti Romerodid not ignore the sayings of Daniela Celis and threw a dart with some irony. “If she is such a follower of mine, that she keeps talking about me, because I never spoke ill of her outside the program, she can watch us on ‘LAM’ from Thursday to Friday from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m., we’ll be here“, he expressed.


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