The famous information channel cnnpart of the group Warner Bros. Discovery, he threw CNN Fast, the channel commercial free television (FAST) which offers audiences a new way to watch a variety of internationally relevant CNN content.

CNN Fast, edited by the CNN editorial staff, tells international stories related to important news, business, entertainment, sport and environmental events through short videos. Launched today in several European countries on Rakuten TVthe channel will be available from May 24 on LG Channel and in June on Samsung TV Plus. The channel’s mix of news and lifestyle content complements other ways to consume CNN content, already available across digital, linear, audio and social media platforms.

With a dynamic schedule of videos, the new service was designed to attract a younger audience, who prefer shorter and more essential content, signed by the most reliable all-news channel in the international information landscape. With stories told in short clips of three or six minutes, the new format, fast and easy to use, will keep viewers updated and engaged. In addition to reaching new audiences, CNN Fast is also opening up more opportunities for brand partners through new advertising formats and targeting capabilities.
The launch of the new channel builds on the work done by cnn in the context of Connected TV (CTV) with Rakuten TV, LG Channels and Samsung TV Plus to diversify the ways of using CNN content.

Humphrey Blackresponsible for the distribution strategy of the CNN International Commercialhe has declared:

“CNN Fast offers a new and different user experience than CNN’s main channel. By working with established CTV platform partners, where we’ve already seen considerable success with CNN content, we are now able to connect with more viewers and families across the devices and formats they already love. It’s an exciting approach that offers audiences a new way to experience CNN’s world-renowned method of journalism and storytelling».

The contents of CNN Fast they’re managed by CNN reporters and curated specifically for the channel using technology from cloud-based streaming solutions provider Amagi.

Editorial production is supervised by Meara Erdozainsenior vice president of CNN International programming.

“This is a great opportunity to showcase some of CNN’s best content to a wider audience by offering stories across multiple genres presented in a fast-paced, stripped-down style that appeals to a larger, younger audience.”

CNN Fast is available in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. It will be available in more countries and platforms over the next year. This addition adds to existing FAST offers in the US, available today on Samsung TV Plus and Pluto TV.

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