Chiara Mastroianni says she is “shocked”. The actress, mistress of the opening and closing ceremonies of this 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival reacted after the criticisms which rained on the physique of her daughter, Anna Biolay.

“I am extremely shocked. The words are even a little weak compared to what I feel, because any attack on the physical is absolutely intolerable ”, commented the daughter of Catherine Deneuve on France Inter.

“It’s very traumatic”

Anna Biolay, an actress like her mother, came to Cannes to present the film Rosalie, in which she plays alongside her father, Benjamin Biolay. The 20-year-old was doubly targeted: first on her physique, then on the fact that she was a “daughter of”.

“I discover the violence of the remarks that can be made towards a young woman by making abominable attacks. It’s very traumatic. For my daughter, first and foremost. But obviously for the parents, too, ”denounced Chiara Mastroianni, while pointing out the flaws in online moderation.

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