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Céline Saffré of “Large Families” evokes a “clash” with TF1 and a “procedure” in progress! - Loxpex News
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The show Large families: life in XXL resumed its course on TF1 with, on board, tribes already well known to fans of this program but also newcomers. If the Jean-Zéphirins and the Blois have agreed to continue the adventure of being filmed in their daily lives, others have decided to throw in the towel like the Bambara, the Colas and especially the Saffré! It was in 2021 that the latter, Céline and her companion Fabrice, had decided to open their doors to the show and present their incredible blended family of 10 children! He having already had two children from a first union, Johan and Bastien, they had together subsequently welcomed Paul, Jean, Adele, Louis, Charles, Marcel, Rose and Valentine. Very quickly, their good humor and their hectic life had attracted the sympathy of their community. Moreover, Céline Saffré is very present, quad her supermom schedule allows her, on Instagram. And it was on this social network that she announced in 2022 to wait another happy event! A little boy born on December 7, whose birth she had announced from her account: “We are happy that baby ‘A’ has joined our family on this wonderful day of December 7th. He pointed the tip of his nose at 12:53 p.m. Mom and baby are in great shape (…) Baby was born today weighing 3.9 kilos and he is 15 days early. Suffice to say that in the long term, baby would therefore have weighed more than 4 kilos. So much love for this new little heart that comes to enlarge our family”she enthused.

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“You will never find us in Large Families”

However, this Friday, May 12, 2023, the mood was less festive… Very upset, Céline took to her live on Instagram to explain what she had experienced with the production of the program Large families. While “TF1 thanked them” at the end of their last season, the mother says that she had finally been contacted by the channel following the announcement of her last pregnancy: “We were interesting again in their eyes and especially to film my delivery. It was out of the question to share this intimate moment. We kindly told them to go and be seen”, swung Céline Saffré before adding that there had been a “clash” and specify: “That’s why you’ll never find us in Large Families.”

In her explanations, against a background of childish bickering, the mother of the family also confirmed that a procedure had been launched against the production of the show: “Why did we launch this procedure ? To show that between what you are sold as a dream and the reality, there is a huge distance, and also to explain what is happening to families who would like to be publicized and make Large Families…”, she tried to explain before being again monopolized by her small tribe. A case to follow because Céline Saffré intends to resume her live as soon as possible and deliver all her truth to her community… as soon as she has time!


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