“A nugget this project”, “a madness”, “the hit”, etc. These are the many comments from Internet users after the publication of the first video “Sphere”, a project by MindFamily, a Toulouse association that has had young rappers perform on the roofs of the Pink City. Around a round table, five knights of the new French scene pass on the holy grail of improvisation on a beat leading.

“We wanted to open our association to rap and hip-hop and launch local artists. We found that Toulouse lacked a bit of rap, ”explains Clément Benac, the founder of the association who is blowing out his first candle. Waiting Big Flo and Oli, the Toulousain then brings together five rappers for a twenty-five-minute freestyle with a breathtaking view of the city. And neither Jester, Jethro, Lukbtclan, Gocha and Jayakim were dizzy for this first episode very well received by the public.

“Moving rap where we don’t usually hear it”

“People were very happy and found the content quite clean with a very good freestyle. The artists were able to perform a thirty-minute musical performance in a free format mixing multisyllabic rhymes, verses, and improvisation. This experience is for them the opportunity to give a fresh air and a new form of visibility to Toulouse rap. We had a lot of feedback, especially from artists interested in the second episode. This project is not only open to Toulouse artists but everywhere in France”, develops Clément Benac.

For the second stage, Clément Bénac and his association are still open to everything: a forest, an empty swimming pool, in a historic place, etc. “The important thing is to make the performance unique. To do something original and to move rap where we are not used to seeing and hearing it. In Toulouse or elsewhere, we want to be open to everything,” adds the man who organizes events to also promote jazz, techno and even rock artists.

If they reserve a few more months for episode 2, in the meantime, rap lovers will be able to discover IRL the five artists on the stage of the Live connection May 31, for an exclusive concert.

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