Polyamory, pansexuality, sapiosexuality, skoliosexuality, non-binarity… Many terms now exist to put words to what one feels and how one defines one’s identity and sexual orientation. New words that some public figures are fortunately not afraid to pronounce like Angèle. On May 20, during her appearance on the set of the program “Les Rencontres du Papotin” (France 2), the 27-year-old Belgian artist indeed indicated that she was “pansexual”.

“I can fall in love with a boy or a girl, a non-binary, transgender person. It’s not a choice […] It’s just someone. The feeling of love, having butterflies in the belly, girl or boy, for me, it’s the same, she said. An instinctual sexual orientation that does not consider gender or gender identity, but simply the person, and the romantic feelings that person provides.

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Sophie Marceau talks about her sapiosexuality

During an exchange with our colleagues from Release on the occasion of a portrait that was granted to her, the actress Sophie Marceau also spoke about her sexual orientation. A conversation during which the unforgettable actress of “La Boom” made it known that she was sapiosexual. A term that defines individuals who feel attracted to a person’s intellect more than appearance.

A sexual orientation that Marlène Schiappa also mentioned in 2019. During an interview with the JDD, the Secretary of State in charge of the social and solidarity economy and associative life, had indeed mentioned the importance intelligence and wit in his intimate relationships.


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