The news came a few days ago. Ari Boulogne was found dead at his home in the 15th arrondissement of Paris on the night of Friday May 19 to Saturday May 20, 2023, according to Le Parisian. A 58-year-old woman was taken into custody for failing to assist a person in danger.

She was indicted for manslaughter and failure to assist a person in danger, the Paris prosecutor’s office told AFP. She was also indicted for transporting, possessing, acquiring and selling narcotics. Following this sad news, several messages appeared on social networks. Anthony Delon also spoke. The actor took to his Instagram account to post a photo. “Rest in Peace Ari”he wrote in the caption of a black background on which one could read “RIP”. “A tragic destiny Sadness. A thought this evening for her two children”.

Anthony Delon quite annoyed!

Words welcomed by his subscribers in the comments, however, a message remained across the throat of the eldest of Alain Delon. Indeed, a user commented on his publication by writing that the sexagenarian was surely in paradise with his “beloved mother”. Something to annoy the actor who wrote: “You know, his mother put him on heroin at 14. He talks about it in his book. Otherwise, things might have been different! You don’t give heroin to your 14-year-old kid years… right?“, he reacted. In his memoirs love never forgetspublished in 2001 and cited by Closerthe son of Nico, singer of the Velvet Underground who died in July 1988 in Ibiza. “For me, she was a very good mother. She gave me everything. Even drugs, I lived it thoroughly with her without it being a problem. From my 16 years until the end, we we shared the drug, the same syringe. It was a way of being together”.

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