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Andrés Parra will share the screen with Lionel Messi in the series ‘Los Protectores’ - Loxpex News
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2023 has been a year of great activity for the Colombian actor Andres Parra. After participating in the Prime Video film the initiateshis appearance in the second season of The protectorswhere he shares leadership with the Argentines Gustavo Bermudez and Adrian Suar. In the same way, it was also confirmed that the Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi It will be part of the recordings, just as it happened during the first season.

The content platform streaming He shared a preview on his social networks. There you can see the representative of soccer players Reynaldo Moran (Parra’s character) sharing the screen with the soccer player from Paris Saint-Germain. Similarly, he confirmed that the release date for the second season will be the June 25th. Regarding what users should expect from this second part, he pointed out:

“The new season promises to continue captivating audiences with hilarious entanglements around the adventures of its protagonists, while introducing new action and suspense elements that add intriguing plot twists and reveal the world’s own relationships of power and competition. of football representation”

Filming took place during the last months of 2022 between Buenos Aires and Paris. It was precisely in the Ccity ​​of light where the actors had the opportunity to share with Messi, in November. On his day, on his Instagram account, Parra shared with a good sense of humor the experience of recording alongside what he is considered one of the best footballers in history.

The Colombian actor, who had already ventured into another series related to the field of soccer-business in its darkest facet when he played Sergio Jadue in the Prime Video series Presidentpublished the image with Messi and began by writing in the legend of the publication:

“And then one day we were bored and we went with Sebastián Parra to Paris to film a scene with Lionel Messi, because we are like that, humble people, simple people”, to which he added several emoticons crying with laughter.

Along the same lines, Parra pointed out Messi’s “insistence” on taking a picture with the cast of The protectors:

“Then Lionel Messi fuck and fuck what a photo! what a photo! And we like ishhhhh what an intense corduroy man. Well, we took a picture with the man and then we came home and asked for Frisby and that’s it. normal. Re-normal people”

Composed of seven 45-minute chapters, the story takes place one year after the formation of “Los protectores SA” during the first season, after overcoming their initial differences with a view to sharing a common goal. At that point, the three partners enjoy the honeys of success after positioning the company as one of the most important soccer representatives in Latin America and Europe. It is then that they receive a hard and unexpected blow to their portfolio of players, after a very powerful businessman named Ernest Cartens (interpreted by the Argentine Martin Seefeld) decides to set up his own representation agency.

The problem is that for that he seeks to have the best soccer players in the world, and most of them belong to the Magician, Reynaldo and Count. Through illicit maneuvers, Cartens takes over these players, practically ruining “Los protectores SA”, whose partners will do the impossible to recover what belongs to them.

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