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Ana Castile does not publicly assume her relationship with Gustavo Mioto. Every time she is questioned about the relationship, the singer disguises it and prefers to say that she is still “getting to know” the singer better. This weekend, she surprised fans during a show in Sales de Oliveira, São Paulo, by calling on the two grandmothers to go up on stage and express their opinions about the sertanejo, who was at the show. The moment was captured on video and shared by fans on social media.

“Don’t you think Gustavo is nice?” Ana began, to which one of the grandmothers replied: “You have to date him”. With the delirium of the public, Chatelaine asked the other grandmother to give her opinion: “Because it’s hers that counts”, said the artist. The answer was the same: “You have to date!”, said the matriarch. “You have to stop winding people up”, countered Gustavo Mioto.

Recently, Ana Castile declared herself to the singer, with whom she has been having an affair since the beginning of this year. You Snapshots between the two began in March, but they met backstage on Multishow’s TVZ program in October last year. In the publication, she posted a series of clicks in video mode, with the song “Cruzando a Fronteira” as the background sound.

In the caption, she put a snippet of the song. “You’re crossing the border. Don’t forget it. One more step and you open the gate”. Mioto immediately responded in the comments with another romantic excerpt from the song: “You don’t play with me, my heart is quiet, it’s far from any risk”.

In early April, Mioto spoke about his relationship with Ana Castela. “It’s not a relationship. ‘We’re getting to know each other’ is a good definition (laughs)… It’s been a lot of fun living with her”, he told the F5. “Ana is a very special girl and only those who don’t know her don’t like her. “She is very cheerful. She IS a woman with good humor and funny. I am more in my own way. I am much more restrained and I consider myself shy”, he explained.

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