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Domitila Barros is in Cannes, France, but has closely followed all the repercussions for being present at one of the biggest international film festivals. This Thursday (25), she published a post on Instagram, where she appears on the red carpet of the event and put a caption, which was seen by her followers as indirect. “And how does this affect Domitila Barros?” he wrote. the former BBB of the 23rd edition.

The phrase, in fact, is a meme that circulated during the broadcast of the program asking what it had to do with participant Cezar Black (34) in clashes with opponents in the game::” And how does this affect Cezar Black?” . Fans read the message from the activist from Pernambuco as a response to an alleged mockery of his presence at Cannes.

Last day, Igor rickli posted a video with Aline wirley supposedly making fun of the Cannes Film Festival, which runs until May 27 in France. Netizens pointed out that the comment was a hint to Domitila. The miss from Germany and the singer participated in the BBB 23, where they had several frictions and exchanged pinpricks already outside of reality.

On video, Igor records Aline at their house in Rio de Janeiro and “jokes” that they would have already arrived in the French city of the festival. “Good morning, we arrived here in Cannes”, said Igor. “In a little while there will be a festival”, added Aline. “Are you enjoying the festival?”, mocked the actor.

The internet has not forgiven the couple: ‘How could Aline and Igor have become so unbearable and childish. And I liked them”, said a Twitter user. “Domitila: receiving an award at Cannes. Igor and Aline: at home doing nothing, since I don’t even have to publish”, commented the second follower and the third completed the thought: “Envy defines this duo”.

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