Sergio Hondjakofffamous for interpreting the Cabeção na novela Malhaçãogives TV Globerevealed during an interview with the podcast Papagaio Falante, that the production environment was one of the main causes that did not fall into drug addiction. Second artist, who recently left the rehabilitation clinic, after 10 months hospitalized, he began to use handicaps to “fit in socially”.

“I went for a social inclusion quest. I have a friend who has never experienced maconha, he gave himself well with the throats, and I ended up being inspired by him and experimenting as well”, told the actor, who revealed that he used drugs for the first time in 14 years.

“I am not starting, I have some advantages. I began to see things from a different perspective, fora da caixa. I went on to question some two of my sufferings at the time, but then I began to use them excessively. Instead of having only occasional experiences, I ended up using it constantly”, he continued.

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Sérgio took the opportunity to admit that, during his first year in the novel, he tried to control his drug use, therefore, his relationship with the character ended up worsening the situation.

“In the last year of Malhação, I was relaxed, frequenting too many parties, I was interested in interpreting that character that was already childish, playful. Eu wanted papéis more serious, tough, armed traffickers. And there I began to escorregar”, assumed or ator.

“In my first years, I kept everything in secret, I was a young man who smoked when he walked at home. He didn’t work, he didn’t open up to anyone, he didn’t talk to anyone, he was very reclusive. In the second year of Malhação, more awkward people began to emerge and I began to open up a little more, and then everything began”, explained Sérgio Hondjakoff.

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