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A PSPV candidate in Valencia and a member of the Latin Kings resigns after being arrested - Loxpex News
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(Updates NA5033 and NA5050 news with more information)

Valencia, May 26. The PSPV candidate for Valencia City Council who was number 20 on the list and belongs to the Latin Kings organization, Camilo Monsalve, has resigned from collecting the councilor’s certificate or running for any public office after being arrested following a complaint presented against him by a young man with whom he worked as a mediator.

Police sources have confirmed to EFE that the arrest of Monsalve and another man occurred on May 2 for the crime of robbery, while the socialist group has indicated that the political resignation occurred in the middle of this month.

The deputy mayor and candidate for mayor of Valencia, Sandra Gómez, held this Friday at a press conference that Monsalve, of Colombian origin, “dedicates all his free time to getting other kids out of Latin gangs, he is a volunteer for Plataforma Intercultural, president of Asociación Jóvenes Sin Fronteras and vice president of Valencia Acude. He is a renowned Valencian volunteer who works for the inclusion of young Latinos.”

Initially and by mistake, Gómez had mentioned the membership of the candidate for València Acull (Valencia Acoge), a fact that has been denied by this NGO.

“One of those kids that he has helped, as soon as he heard that he would be incorporated into the municipal list, denounced it as a form of extortion. Politics has that -according to the socialist candidate-, there are miserable people who generate these situations and types like Esteban (González Pons) who live politically from them”, alluding to the deputy secretary for Institutional Action of the PP and MEP, who echoed the news advanced by Las Provincias on Twitter.

Gómez assures that at the moment in which this “unfortunate accusation” arose, Monsalve “resigned from taking the act and holding any public office to prevent anyone from using it with the aim of eroding the image of the project and, above all, stigmatizing Latinos in the city”.

“We condemn this miserable use by the PP of a fact that the only thing it shows is that among the Socialist Party there are people committed to integration and who are at street level helping to make a better city,” according to the deputy mayor.

“The PP is trying to take advantage of that, trying to stigmatize the Latino community from which it asks for the vote. Then they embrace Cristina Seguí, Javier Negre or the racist policeman who points out those who come from outside. González Pons has a comfortable salary and dedicates his free time to writing novels. This boy works at Ford and dedicates his free time to educating young people,” Gómez stressed.

The socialist candidate has denied that her party has tried to hide this event: “She resigned from her position on the list and immediately informed the Electoral Board. This information has been accessible to anyone. We are not going to contribute to pointing out nobody”.

Likewise, he has regretted the “attempt to stigmatize the Latino community that they make with their complaint” and has asked the PP to “refrain from trying to harm more people in their desperate attempt given the certainty that they are going to lose the elections this Sunday “.

The socialist municipal group assures that Mosalve will present a complaint for the falsehood of the accusation of which it is being subjected. EFE


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