This Tuesday, May 23, 2023, Florence Mendez, columnist for the show The Spicy presented by Nicole Ferroni on Teva, revealed on her Instagram account that she had been removed from the M6 ​​channel for insulting the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin. “On Wednesday March 29, I met Gérald Darmanin who was leaving the M6 ​​building in Neuilly where I was going to record the program ‘Piquantes’. I was still in the street when I saw Darmanin and, in front of the security services, I called him a rapist”, she confided on the social network. “It was not premeditated, I was overwhelmed by my emotions. The members of the M6 ​​security service denounced me, they declared, and I quote, to have been ‘terrified’. I understand. Of course, they were 6, but my meter 90, my black krav-maga belt and my laser eyes would scare anyone”, she added.

And to conclude: “Following this event, the management of M6 decided to fire me. I did not finish season 3 and I will not be there in season 4. So I lost my job as a columnist. I dispute the severity of the sanction: to deprive me of my work (and a significant part of my income) after 3 years of impeccable collaboration, for a thoughtless statement made without publicity, it is a bit expensive to pay. But one day, in this next world that many of us are fighting for, I know we’ll laugh about it all.”

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Florence Mendez with autism

In her defense and in order to push the channel to reconsider the sanction pronounced, Florence Mendez had also sent to the management of the group, a missive from her psychiatrist in which the latter analyzes the autistic disorders from which her client suffers and which “can lead to atypical behavior in certain social situations”, reports THE Parisian. Unfortunately, insufficient evidence.

“The decision taken about you follows the inappropriate remarks you made about a guest of the group and which shocked those present”, would have answered the group, according to information from our colleagues. M6, for its part, did not wish to give its version of the facts.


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