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a few hours before her concert in Paris, the singer finds herself at the heart of a lively controversy, furious internet users! - Loxpex News
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The music industry is in mourning! And for good reason, on May 24, 2023, Tina Turner breathed her last at the age of 83. Although she suffered from many health problems, the famous singer is said to have died of “natural causes” to believe our colleagues from the “Daily Mail. Exclusively for the “Parisian”, Afida Turner has agreed to make some secrets about her illustrious mother-in-law. “She had been very ill for two years. She held on like few people, but I didn’t think she would leave so quickly… Just five months after his son Ronnie,” revealed the singer.

If they were close enough, the two women would have seen each other for the last time in “the funeral of […] Craig”, one of Tina Turner’s sons. “She was obviously devastated by her suicide, but she had shown nothing publicly. She was a very strong mother and wife.” added the artist with a heavy heart. On the Web and in the media, the biggest celebrities came out of their silence to pay him a beautiful tribute. Like Celine Dion, Mick Jagger or Mariah Carey.

Of course, Beyoncé, who has just launched her European tour, also honored Tina Turner’s musical heritage on her official website: “My beloved queen, I love you endlessly. I am so grateful for [la façon dont tu m’as inspirée] and all the ways you paved the way. You are strength and resilience. You are the embodiment of power and passion. We are all lucky to have witnessed your kindness and your beautiful spirit which will remain forever. Thanks for everything you’ve done.”

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“Eat the cake, Anna Mae…”

This Friday, May 26, 2023, Queen B will also set fire to the Stade de France. But for several hours, the happy mother of three children has been under fire from critics. The reason ? Tina Turner fans are demanding a public apology. The latter do not forgive him for having mentioned the very tumultuous relationship of their idol and her violent ex-husband Ike. One day, taken by jealousy, the musician would then have – by force – shoved a cake in his mouth while whispering to him: “Eat the cake, Anna Mae (the real name of Tina Turner editor’s note), I said eat the cake!’

In his hit “Drunk In Love”, featuring her husband Jay-z, the father of her offspring winks at this sad episode: ““I am Ike Turner, baby knows i’m not kidding. Now eat the cake, Anna Mae, I said eat the cake, Anna Mae”. For some Twitter users, the duo went way too far: “A little reminder, Jay-Z and Beyoncé in Drunk In Love say these words and openly mock Tina Turner being beaten by Ike Turner […]”, “It’s so disrespectful of them! So her tribute, no comment”, “Tina Turner fought for her life and her career, and the other one there, we always brought her everything on a silver dish… Let her stay in her place. She’s one more opportunist.” It remains to be seen whether Beyoncé and her half will speak out on this subject to calm the controversy… To be continued.


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