November 29, 2019 marks a sad day for Dominique Lagrou-Sempère. It was on this date that her husband, Claude Sempère, died of lung cancer at the age of 55. A drama for the journalist who, admiringly, always evokes her star companion in her eyes. For her, her husband was “one of the best journalists of his generation. A war reporter, he had won the Albert London Prize for a series of reports for Paul Nahon on Special Envoy. He was someone who loved people, who liked to tell stories , he had a very deep voice, very warm and it’s true that he was known for his voice, for his stories”, she confided on the set of At Jordan’s this Friday March 17, 2023 before saying more about the illness of the father of his children.

“Cancer, we discover it when we discover it. By chance on an x-ray, by chance results. Claude had already had cancer, I explain it in my book (Après l’orage, published by Éditions Flammarion ndlr) . It’s a cancer that happened 25 years after a previous cancer. 25 years later, with children and a wife, it developed and this time he failed to hit it.”

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Dominique Lagrou-Sempère saved by her children

Devastated by the death of her husband, Dominique Lagrou-Sempère has regained a taste for life thanks to her children, Mathilda and Esteban. “They are the ones who told me: ‘You have to love because you can’t go through this life without loving it and they are the ones who encouraged me to redo this path towards the woman I was, the lover that I was and that I had forgotten because when you are with someone who is sick you forget yourself, because you want to take care of him and you believe in it until the end.

To date, the one who would have liked to take over the place of Jean-Pierre Pernaut on TF1 “walk”. “We never mourn. I like to say that we cook, we do the shopping, we make love, we don’t mourn, mourning doesn’t mean anything. We continue, we lives with it and we adapt to death in life”. Touching confidences.


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