master chef return to screen telefé with Wanda Narawho will debut as a host. The truth is that the businesswoman had a romantic weekend with Mauro Icardi, who landed to put up with his wife and share time together. The day began with mates and pasta that Wanda prepared and shared with her fans: “I have to make pasta for my entire family. Today I am a Chef and tomorrow Masterchef”.

In his stories, he shared videos of the Galatasaray footballer driving the new toy that Wanda bought, his luxurious car: “How quick confidence with my truck. I lost all kinds of power.” the driver said jokingly. Then, she very proudly showed the gift that she gave her husband, a chain with a crucifix and wrote: “Speaking of generous.” In addition, she added “He gave me a Bentley and I am so proud of my own acquisition. Should he give it to her? I’m not that generous, I guess.”

Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara
Mauro Icardi driving Wanda Nara’s truck
wanda nara
Wanda Nara shared the necklace that Mauro Icardi gave her

Given the good gesture of the soccer player, Wanda shared a survey with her followers about whether or not she had to give Mauro a gift: Gift for Mau: Does he deserve it for the stamina or does he turn in everything except the new truck?

Mauro Icardi’s reaction to Wanda Nara’s message

Love is stronger, and that’s why Mauro and Wanda they go ahead despite all the rumors of a crisis in the couple. The truth is that the businesswoman shared a love message for her husband and he quickly reacted to it.

Mauro Icardi reacted to Wanda Nara's message:
Mauro and Wanda closer than ever

Wanda shared a photo with their daughters Francesca and Isabella where is the footballer too: “I miss them” wrote the host, captivating the soccer player and his eldest daughter. Mauro for his part, shared the story on his Instagram account and wrote: “We love you”, accompanied by a love emoji.

Long live love!


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