To influencer Virginia Fonseca I decided to comment on the most recent controversies involving the base that Lançou launched for her cosmetics brand, WePink. After maquiadoras critics of the product, focused on a video posted by Karen Bachinithe wife of Zé Felipe made it clear that he did his product “or better” and claimed hate over the product.

In her Instagram Stories, Virginia reposted a video from influencer Adam Mitch, who likes to post content where he endorses cosmetic products from more than one brand.

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In the publication, Adam makes it clear that he loves the product and shows it every day using the controversial “rebocão” base of Virginia Fonseca. The influencer, however, affirms that he will receive criticism from two Internet users for enjoying the cosmetic.

“I’m refueling because I’m really scared of the people who like the base, I’M AFRAID to get hate for simply being LIKED my base. ‘Ah, but it’s like that because you say falou that its base is a better one’. About this, I don’t want to talk about anything because for me it’s VERY OBVIOUS that I did the best job”, Fonseca shot.

“You are in my profile, I am selling my opinion on things and I know that it is not for me that it is the best for me, I am not going!! I did not detract from ANYONE, but it is not logical and here I do not launch my profile on my base and say that they are better in the market ”, he completed.

Virginia Fonseca Base

Last week, Virginia Fonseca launched a base, within the WePink brand, promising “import quality” and charging R$ 200. The price is on the web, which criticizes or argues, considering or offensive the products made in the country and does not present two taxes paid in the importation process.

Days after the release, Karen posted a video on YouTube commenting on the news and no criticism. Claimed the packaging, texture, coverage and, mainly, the promise of the product to be resistant to water. In the video, the drops of water drip on top of the applied foundation on the face and it highlights that the product does not really run. Immediately, he passes the finger without face and the product is displaced.

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