loneliness aquino he got tired and sells everything he has at an American fair. She’s that first female driver Marcelo Tinelli, He decided to put the clothes he no longer wears up for sale and published them on his social networks. The news she made known in a dialogue that she had in Intruders.

“I go to Geneva and I am tempted. That’s why I have six wallets and I don’t use them. I have things that I do not use nor will I use. Why am I going to accumulate so many clothes? I got the idea from Anamá Ferreira, who sells all of her clothes on the Internet, ”commented the mother of Mica and Cande Tinelli.

loneliness aquino
loneliness aquino

Soledad Aquino and her sentimental life

The former partner of Marcelo Tinelli, A few days ago she talked about her sentimental life and said: “Yes, I was always quite in love. I had a few relationships that lasted years. And I was quite in love with two, totally. One was Chilean and had to return to his country for work reasons, and another was a Spaniard with whom the same thing happened. Mine was quite international”.

Soledad Aquino told the reasons for her separation from Marcelo Tinelli:
loneliness aquino

Before closing, he added: at this age I don’t feel like sitting down to know and recount my whole life again. Half a lead and do that. I prefer quiet.”


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