New measures to help women

On the night of March 8 to 9, the National Assembly unanimously passed a bill aimed at providing better care for women victims of miscarriage. To do this, this proposal provides for paid sick leave without a waiting day, but also psychological and medical support for women who want it.

A taboo but frequent phenomenon

The objective is to give these women the opportunity to recover physically, but also psychologically. Taboo but common, one “in four pregnancies” ends in miscarriage and “one in ten women” faces this ordeal during their lifetime, according to a report published in 2021 in the medical journal The Lancet.

Experienced in some patients as a painful or even traumatic experience, a spontaneous termination of pregnancy can have real psychological consequences that should not be overlooked. Denial, loneliness, guilt, depression… Nearly one in three women would suffer from post-traumatic stress after perinatal bereavement.

Accompaniment is therefore necessary to break the silence and free the voices of these women. In this context, doctors and midwives will be able to direct patients, but also those around them, towards psychological follow-up within the framework of the system. My Psy Journey.

A victory for the collectives

For Judith Aquien, interviewed at franceinfo, “This lifting of the deficiency is a recognition of the bodies and what they undergo, it is excellent news. Because indeed, as the co-founder of the collective reminds us Miscarriage, real lifeu, “Loneliness and physical reactions are a reality incompatible with a return to work”.

Initiated by Modem MP Sandrine Josso, this text must now be examined in the Senate. If the Senate validates this bill, this support will take effect before January 2024, promises the Government.


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