At the Parc des Princes,

When it doesn’t want, it doesn’t want. Despite a desperate attempt to deploy a banner with a QR Code, the Parisian ultras of the K-Soce team failed to give consumer spectators a good reason to “take out (their) phones” during PSG-Rennes. The link to a video of the group of supporters never worked. Not for lack of having tried to the point of abandoning his own team. At the same time, on the lawn, Kalimuendo knocked out a PSG in an advanced state of decomposition and perpetuated the tradition of the old revengeful Parisians.

The cuteness of the Parisian ultras is only a small symbolic piece of the Sunday bankruptcy of an institution. Starting at the top of the pyramid: by shining the spotlight on Kim Kardashian before and during the match, the club shot itself in the foot, and vindicated the criticisms of its detractors. Namely that the brand image prevails over the sports project, even when the latter evaporates at a worrying speed. Don’t look up.

Parisian titis still targeted

By dint of doing nothing, closing your eyes, plugging your ears and clenching your teeth hard, praying that the 11th title will fall from the sky, Paris is exposing itself to PSG-Rennes. The 7th Parisian defeat in 2023, mine nothing. There was certainly this excuse of the experimental defense, which we knew in advance would fail the Rennes crash test, and which Christophe Galtier did not fail to brandish after the meeting. “I’m not going to be satisfied with this match, but in the context, and with the number of absences, even if it’s not an excuse, we knew we were going to have some hesitations. From there to passing Toko Ekambi for Erling Haaland, there is a milestone that we would not have dared to cross before the start of the meeting.

Also failed, the tactical approach to the meeting, still just as rudimentary at this level: the choice, the long balls in the back of the defense and “inchallah Mbappé” or the discounts in the feet of Messi by praying that the Argentinian invent something. Bad luck, plans A and B came up against a Steve Mandanda in a state of grace. “If we take up the scenario, we still have favorable situations”, would almost welcome Galtier, equipped with his best blinkers.

Kim Kardashian surely appreciated the low block of Bruno Génésio and the rapid projections of the Rennais
Kim Kardashian surely appreciated Bruno Génésio’s low block and Rennes’ quick projections – AFP

Once a weapon of seduction, the communication of the Parisian coach is jammed according to the matches and aims anywhere, but especially on the side of young titis. “Put yourself in the place of the players who see eight absentees and the young people from the training center whom they have seen twice in training”, he replied to a colleague guilty of having underlined the insufficient level of involvement. Parisians against Rennes. We can’t wait to see how the French technician will defend himself from having targeted the pimply teenagers in his charge, like his pirouette on the Bitshiabu case against Bayern.

Still on the theme of denial: “You can’t blame my players on the fact that they weren’t invested, that’s not true. When you find yourself trailing 2-0 against Rennes and with not many solutions on the bench, you can understand a little resignation. »

Galtier not worried about his future

A speech to which the entire Paris Saint-Germain locker room does not subscribe, starting with Hugo Ekitike, one of the few to have had the decency to pretend to be interested in what is happening on the field. . “We have to get back to work… If every time we lose a match, we start to give up, we won’t achieve anything,” he whispered into the microphone of Canal +. Ironic from a boy not quite Stakhanovite, but not wrong. The observation is in any case shared by Vitinha, also at the microphone of the encrypted channel, with an additional apology for the disgusting performance of the actors. “We had a very bad game, there is little to say. Sorry to the supporters, who are still there. It’s not a performance that looks like us, we are very sad. We’re not going to give up. We will think about what to improve during the break. »

Christophe Galtier does not seem to have any real plan, except to cross his fingers that his internationals dodge injuries and that the cripples come back to life in two weeks. If Paris retains a small mattress of points ten days before the end of the championship, it also gives the impression of walking on a tightrope. Without a coach who guarantees tactical and mental balance, everything can very quickly turn into anything.

The question of the immediate future of Galette therefore arises, if only to anticipate next year, start on new bases of work, work on a game idea, any. The person concerned does not feel threatened for the time being. “I came to this two-year project, everyone speculates on what will happen at the end of the season, I repeat that my obsession is to be champion. I am not projected on my future, but on the ten games that remain […]. Will this defeat generate a reflection from my management? Maybe. Looking at the faces of Nasser and Campos during the match, the question may start to cross their minds, even if parting ways with Galtier was tantamount to admitting a (new) casting error. After all, PSG did not wait until tonight to miss.

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