What twists and turns in the Pierre Palmade affair!

The Parisian revealed that Fabien Fleury, the man who had accused the actor of possessing child pornography images, was sentenced on Friday March 17 by the Paris Criminal Court to two years in prison, one of which was suspended.

He was on trial for supplying synthetic drugs during homosexual sex orgies organized in his Paris apartment.

Still according to our colleagues, the thirty-year-old yet at the RSA, spent between 5,000 and 7,000 euros per month. “Without declaring a penny in taxes, he earns his living by ensuring the communication of a sex shop, by turning in gay pornographic films and selling his services as an escort”, wrote the daily. The organization of “Chemsex” evenings in his home on boulevard Rochechouart allowed him to earn 194,000 euros in two years.

Back to school for the little boy injured in the accident

The terrible accident caused by Pierre Palmade, under the influence of cocaine, on February 10 last made several victims including Devrim. The six-year-old boy, whose vital prognosis was engaged a few weeks ago, is doing better. He also found his way back to school, as his uncle revealed to Cyril Hanouna. “He went back to school a week ago (but only in the morning, editor’s note), but he has to wear a corset”. He can only eat more or less liquid food because he cannot chew. Not to mention his difficulty in speaking because of a still too sore jaw. The 38-year-old father is still hospitalized. As a reminder, the 54-year-old star “is prohibited from leaving the hospital where he is”.

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