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Azahara Aylin “N” was linked to the process for the crime of qualified homicide for his alleged responsibility in the death of Norma Lizbetha young man who died as a result of a head injury caused by an attack by his high school classmate in Teotihuacán, State of Mexico.

The 14-year-old girl was arrested early this Saturday by elements of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) in coordination with the National Anti-homicide Commission (CONAHO) of the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC), after a judge released a search and arrest warrant at a residence in the neighborhood Santa Maria Cozotlanin the municipality of Teotihuacan.

The minor’s hearing was held at noon this Saturday, March 18, where she was linked to the process and was granted 30 days of complementary investigation to the FGJEM.

He Edomex Judiciary reported that all adolescent justice cases must be resolved within six months.

The authorities of the State of Mexico arrested Norma Lizbeth's partner and her mother (FGJEM)
The authorities of the State of Mexico arrested Norma Lizbeth’s partner and her mother (FGJEM)

After his arrest, Azahara Aylin “N” was presented before a Control Judge of the Quinta del Bosque Internment Centerlocated in the municipality of San Miguel Zinacantepec, where she will remain hospitalized until the legal situation is resolved.

Norma Lizbeth I was a third grade student at the Secondary School No 518 Annex to the Normal of Teotihuacán “Los Jaguares”. According to some testimonies from her family, the 14-year-old girl was constantly harassed by her classmates and classmates.

On February 21, Azahara Aylin quoted Rule to a fight with blows before entering classes for the evening shift, which the young woman accepted with the intention that the bullying against her would end.

They demand justice for Norma Lizbeth (Screenshot)
They demand justice for Norma Lizbeth (Screenshot)

The video of the fight between the young women was shared on social networks, a fight where no one tried to separate them and ended when a local police patrol arrived. In the recordings, Norma is seen with blood on her nose.

On March 13, Norma Lizbeth vanished inside her home, so she was taken by her relatives to the Specialized Center for Primary Health Care Ignacio Allendewhere he arrived without vital signs.

The Edomex Prosecutor’s Office explained that once it was notified of these events, an investigation was initiated and proceedings were carried out that established that the assault suffered by the minor allegedly resulted in a head injury, the evolution of which caused her death.

The young woman’s sister Alma Delia Ramos assured in an interview for N+ that the principal of the school knew about the fight and knew about the bullying that the high school students did to Norma.

“I recommend schools, teachers to pay more attention to students, from a simple brush of the arm, from there the aggression begins. Just like the students who don’t keep quiet. (…) What I want is for all this to stop, for it to change, ”he said.

Norma's funeral was held inside her home.  (Special)
Norma’s funeral was held inside her home. (Special)

The state school authorities mentioned that the school principal will be removed from her position. The Secretary of Public Education (SEP) lamented the death of the student and condemned the bullying in schools, while extending its solidarity with the family, friends and classmates of the minor.

The SEP reiterated that the school “cannot be indifferent or tolerant of bullying or bullying”, for which they rejected violence and stressed the importance of strengthening values ​​and integrity within the family nucleus.

According to the National Law of the Comprehensive Justice System for Adolescentsif found guilty of the crime of qualified homicide, Azahara Aylin could happen inside Quinta del Bosque Internment Center up to 5 years, this due to his condition as a minor.

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