After the island of Saint-Barthélemy in December 2022, Courchevel in February 2023, it is today in the Maldives that Nabilla and Thomas have decided to cast off. A sponsored stay is part of her business as an influencer, which, hopefully, will restore a boost of brilliance and love in the couple. Last February, your magazine Audience you learned, the couple who celebrated their 10 years of union, experienced a big slump… Installed in Courchevel to ski, on the night of February 4 to 5 and while their children Milann and Leyann slept in the suite , a violent argument broke out between the two lovebirds. “Nothing serious” however, except that the tone quickly rose and that the screams ended up waking up the surrounding rooms. So much so that the neighbors ended up calling reception.

An employee goes up immediately and what he discovers freezes him: in the sequel, it’s an unspeakable mess with a floor littered with bottles and cans“, according to our information. This same employee would have tried to intervene, but would have been interrupted by Thomas Vergara with whom he would have had “a rather rough altercation”. “To the point that the staff would have decided to call the emergency services”, who contacted the Courchevel gendarmerie and Nabilla Benattia-Vergara to obtain their testimonies. Both the police and the reality TV star had refused to answer us.

A dream shot named “Blue Lagoon”

Today, in this month of March, Nabilla has dropped anchor and set her sights on The Maldives, an archipelago she knows well and a hotel chain with which she has an image contract. And to fulfill her mission, the beauty poses lasciviously from the deck of her villa in an azure blue-turquoise kimono like the lagoon that borders it, all in transparency that leaves little room for the imagination! The title ? Blue Laggon… And it hits the mark! At 30, the businesswoman knows exactly what types of shots she needs to do to seduce her community of more than 6 million addicts! The young woman lives her best life and ignores the negative comments of the haters. She blows them right away, regularly displaying her happiness as a woman and as a fulfilled mother. But also an assertive bomb! A real naiad…


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