São Paulo

key alves seems to have pleased Telemundo during his stint on reality The House of Los Famososversion with Latin celebrities of the big brother. The Brazilian was on the program participating in an exchange with BBB 23 (Globe).

“Key is already returning to Brazil”, says a note from the program’s team published on social networks. “We loved these days with you. Key brought so much joy and love to this house, she really excited the participants, we bonded very much with her. Thank you for everything, you are a being of light. You will always be welcome, Key Alves.”

Key’s passage through the program was marked by her attempts to communicate with colleagues, as she does not speak Spanish, while they did not speak Portuguese. “Portunhol” reigned at various times, helped by some expressions in English.

Her too avoided talking about politics with the colleagueswho even questioned her about how Brazil was doing with the new government Lula. Appointed on social media as a voter of the former president Jair Bolsonaro, the volleyball player shot: “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to talk about it”. “In Brazil, people can’t bear to talk about it. Any little thing, they end up with you”, she said.

While Key was sent by BBB 23 to La Casa de Los Famosos, the Mexican influencer Dania mendez came to the Brazilian attraction. Your brief visit to the house was marked by sexual harassment that culminated in the expulsion in shoe face It is MC guime. Both are being investigated in a Rio Civil Police investigation.

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