“Which PAF host do you think is the sexiest?”

This is the question posed by Matthieu Delormeau to Philippe Candeloro, his guest in TPMP People, Saturday March 18, 2023. The former figure skater replied with humor, quoting the host himself. Which had the gift of much amused the main interested party. “Otherwise (Karine) The Merchant”, he then slipped. Before adding: “It depends when you meet her.” “She’s psychotic?”asked Laurent Fontaine, curious to get the bottom of the thought of the ex-sportsman. “A little”he said. “And it doesn’t go with the physical. It’s a shame”. The host of thelove is in the meadow on M6 will enjoy this outing…

A big salary received in the Celebrity Farm

The Olympic medalist returned to his participation in the Farm Celebrities in 2010.

“There are those who did La Ferme and for whom it launched a career. Me, I did not launch a career by doing La Ferme Celebrities. I did well because I went there as a guest. I only spent four or five days there (in South Africa, editor’s note). I didn’t do The Farm thinking that I might find a role in the cinema. Fortunately because otherwise, I would have been quickly disappointed.” The 51-year-old gave the reason that prompted her to show up in this program. “I also did it for the money, you mustn’t hide. It was a nice financial proposition. If I don’t do it for the money, what am I today? I’m on the street “, he admitted before revealing the amount of the check he pocketed. “It must have been 50,000 euros. In 4 days, that’s good!”.

Philippe Candeloro will comment on the world figure skating championships in Saitama, Japan for France Télévisions, from March 20 to 26. Without forgetting that he was invited to return as a columnist in TPMP People by Matthieu Delormeau.

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