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Cissa Guimarães, 65, has a busy schedule. She runs there, runs here, plans the children’s program with her grandchildren (one boy and two girls), while studying some texts and organizing the week’s appointments. She has a good laugh when talking about her routine, and tells the news.

The main one is the return to acting. “My first profession is an actress”, reinforces the also presenter, who was on the team of the late Video Show for more than 15 years and in the last decade commanded different programs on Globo.

With more than 40 years of career, cissa gets excited when talking about the series debut. reveals to F5 having been surprised by her departure from the Rio station and also that she was invited to present a daily program (“Mistura de Encontro e Mais Você”) on Band, last year, but did not close anything. For now. “This story is still in the back,” she confides.

Excited about what she defines as a “restart”, Cissa wants new ones invitations, but he does not hide that he intends to analyze well before a possible “yes”. “The only thing I want at my age, with children and grandchildren, is to be able to do the things I believe in. The bills arrive, I have to pay, of course, but I have to enjoy working.” Read the interview below:

“Salve Jorge” (2012) was his last soap opera. It’s been 10 years away from teledramaturgy and now you’re back with two series…
(interrupting) My first job is acting. I’m an actress and even though I’ve worked as a presenter over the years, I haven’t left the stage. I spent nine years with the play “Doidas e Santas” and I really wanted to go back to making soap operas. I love it and even confess that I was a little sad not to be able to work on a soap opera.

Is the series really different from the soap opera? Did you feel it?
It’s completely different (laughs). Language, direction, camera positioning… At first, I was scared. It hit insecurity and even fear. The joy of returning to a recording set made that little seed of the actress grow quickly and everything was very magical. And look, I was thinking about taking a gap year, and then this whole turnaround in my life happened.

Like this?
I left Globo at the end of October and I was very upset. I thought of staying quiet in my corner, enjoying a sabbatical period, and then José Junior (founder of AfroReggae) invited me to record ‘A Division’ (season four still unreleased on Globoplay). The first answer was no (laughs). he insisted and I accepted.I play a very strict judge, whose son is kidnapped.

Is it a different character in your career?
For sure. Margareth Rosenbaum is inspired by judge Patrícia Acioli, who was murdered in 2011 by militiamen who were being tried by her. She is a character who has a very interesting conflict between what is within the law and what needs to be done to save her son. For me, who’s more of a humor person, it’s a huge challenge. It takes me completely out of place.

Were you surprised not to have your contract renewed with Globo?
It was a surprise. My contract was ending and I swore it was going to be renewed. When I was called to talk… At the time, I felt it. It’s horrible, but by the way the conversation goes, we get it. I got scared. I didn’t understand anything because I felt comfortable on the show and believed that the audience liked me.

What was the reason given by the broadcaster?
They alleged financial issues, but it couldn’t be because Patrícia Poeta earned three times more than me and stayed. She’s still there. André Marques also earned more, he continued, but then he left. Anyway. I was sad, but I really believe that we have cycles that are closed for others to open.

Was there any hurt or resentment?
None. No regrets because it was 46 years at Globo. For God. I had an excellent relationship and I am only grateful.

Is it true that you received an invitation from Band?
I received. The management of Band called me to present a program in the style of a mixture of Encontro and Mais Você in São Paulo. It was a daily attraction with I don’t know how many hours in the air. We got to talking and there were months of negotiations, but it didn’t happen. Faustão even called me, the invitation came from him, who asked me to wait: ‘He won’t accept anything’. I held back as long as I could, but then came the series invitations. The other day I talked to Fausto and he told me that the idea has not been completely discarded. This Bandeirantes story is still in storage.

You said that you feel renewed as an actress, but you also have hope in being a Band presenter. Do you have other projects in view?
I want more invitations to work as an actress. In fact, I want to do everything (laughs) because I’m super motivated. I’m going back with the play ‘Doidas e Santas’, which turned ten during the pandemic, and I couldn’t make a worthy ending. It is a phenomenon that deserves to be closed with a golden key.

Something on television?
There’s a series but they haven’t hit the hammer yet. Anyway, I’m open to proposals and the only thing I want at my age with children and grandchildren is to be able to do the things I believe in. The bills arrive, I need to pay, of course, but I have to enjoy working.

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