They don’t hide it anymore, that’s why few weeks of whitewashing their romance, Cande Tinelli and santiago urrutia They are present at a gala event that both shared on their social networks.

From her official Instagram account, the artist Cande Tinelli showed the preparations he had, from eyelashes to nails, but what caught the most attention and captivated, is the photo that she shared in her stories with the pilot Santiago. Together and dressed in black, she captivated her boyfriend.

Cande Tinelli and Santiago Urrutia
Cande Tinelli and Santiago Urrutia have a gala night

She wrote him: “Te” and accompanied by a red heart and enrapturing Santiago Urrutia. He posted the same photo with the same message on his stories.

Cande Tinelli’s look for a gala night

The sister of Mica Tinelli has her own style, whatever the occasion, and even for gala events.

Cande Tinelli
Cande Tinelli’s make-up
Cande Tinelli
This is how Cande Tinelli will be present at a gala event

Cande Tinelli wears a dress Natalia Antolin, long and bare back with Halter neckline, with ruffle details, a bow and buttons on it. As for the make up, I use a natural base and highlighter with a pink blush and I add a mascara and a delicate black eyeliner. The lips, a pink gloss and I wear her hair down parted in the middle.


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