When it was believed that the relationship of the Polish and Barby Silenzi collapsed after the artist discovered a new lie from the singer who told her that he was traveling abroad for work and in reality it was not like that, a publication of both confirms the reconciliation.

Throught social media, the Polish He made it clear that he went to see Barby Silenzi in the play in which he participated and while she was on stage, he took a photo of her, shared it on Instagram and expressed: “The most beautiful”.

El Polaco and Barby Silenzi confirmed their reconciliation:
The Polish publication.

As if that were not enough, It is part of the performance of the actress to get off the stage while “Stop Crying” plays and with a bottle give the audience a drink in the mouth. Barby usually chooses women to interact with, although this time, the singer wanted to participate.

The Pole approached her, who was walking in the corridor, and dancing, he bent down so that Barby gave him a drink in his mouth too.. These images were captured by a spectator and replicated on networks by the dancer herself.

Barby Silenzi revealed why she was angry with the Pole

From this medium we communicate with the artist to find out the true reasons for her anger. “He lied to me, he told me that he was going to record a television program in California but in reality he was going to Disney”revealed the artist.

When asked about the situation in which they are currently, Barbie sentenced: “In none, he on his trip and I at my job. We don’t talk anymore”.

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