Is the magnitude 7 earthquake in Tumbes related to Cyclone Yaku?

The Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP) clarifies the relationship between these two natural phenomena that have severely affected this region in the north of the country.

Seismic movement and cyclone Yaku in Tumbes
Seismic movement and cyclone Yaku in Tumbes

This Saturday at noon there was a strong magnitude earthquake 7.0 in Zarumilla, Tumbes, with epicenter in Guayaquil, Ecuador. However, this region of the country has also been hit by the consequences of heavy rains due to the Cyclone Yaku that has caused the overflow of rivers and landslides, leaving hundreds of victims and affected.

80% of the houses in Peru are self-built and highly vulnerable to seismic movements

In Peru it is estimated that 95% of urban qualifications are informal.
In Peru it is estimated that 95% of urban qualifications are informal.

The insufficient adequate housing and the vulnerability of the habitat, are a reflection of the difficult economic and social situation that a good part of the population of Peru lives; and faced with this situation, many families are exposed to natural disasters such as earthquakes, rains and floods.

According to a study of the Association of Real Estate Developers of Peru (ADI Peru)in the country it is estimated that the 95% of urban qualifications are informal and that 80% of the houses are the product of self-constructionand even in peripheral areas of cities, this figure reaches 90%.

The ‘self-build’ It is defined as the way in which a person or family builds their home with their own resources, without necessarily having professional advice, both in the design stage and in the execution, which puts the integrity of the people who live at risk. inhabit them.

Besides, many times they do not manage a municipal building license either. In this sense, this way of building can generate the following risks that can be avoided with advice and prevention.

Mayor of Zarumilla: “The tremor has had a magnitude that has not been felt in decades”

The Tumbesian authority warned that several families have lost their things and reported that several houses were cracked during an earthquake in northern Peru.

Tremor in Tumbes leaves one person dead, 29 victims and 31 houses affected.
Tremor in Tumbes leaves one person dead, 29 victims and 31 houses affected.

He Provincial Mayor of Zarumilla, Christian Aguayoconsidered that the telluric movement recorded this afternoon in the northern city of Tumbes has been the stronger tremor that he has been able to witness in his entire life and that he has not felt this magnitude in decades.

Minsa will assume burial expenses of a minor victim of the earthquake

The Minister of Health, Rosa Gutiérrez, regretted the death of the minor in Tumbes, where she moved with other members of the Executive. She “She lost her life from a severe head injury. The Minsa is going to cover, through the SIS, everything that is needed to give him a Christian burial, ”she declared.

Minor wake ready

The coffin of the girl who died after the earthquake arrived at her home where she will be held for a wake, reported successful. In addition, the Provincial Municipality of Tumbes, through Civil Defense, delivered 18 calamine and wood sheets for the reconstruction of the collapsed house.

Earthquake in Tumbes: COEN reports 1 person dead, 29 homeless, 4 houses collapsed and two health centers damaged

State organizations report that electricity and drinking water services are provided normally in this northern region of the country that was affected by a strong earthquake at noon this Saturday.

Earthquake in Tumbes: Telluric movement of 6.7 degrees alerted the residents and has already claimed its first victim.
Earthquake in Tumbes: Telluric movement of 6.7 degrees alerted the residents and has already claimed its first victim.

After the seismic movement of magnitude 6.7 that was registered this noon in Tumbes, the Regional Emergency Operations Center of this northern region, reported that, so far, it has left 1 person dead, 29 homeless and 73 affected, in addition to 5 uninhabitable houses, 4 collapsed and 22 affected, as well as damage to 2 health establishments.

Foreign Ministry regrets earthquake in Ecuador

He Ministry of Foreign Affairs lamented the earthquake in Ecuadorwhich also caused the death of a girl in tumbes.

“Our solidarity with the sister town of Ecuador before the strong earthquake registered today in the province of Guayas. We carefully follow any support that is necessary from the Peru”, indicated the Foreign Ministry.

Peruvian consular offices in the Ecuadorian cities of Cuenca, Loja, Machala and Guayaquil are available if nationals need support after the earthquake.

Guaranteed water in Tumbes

Hania Perez de CuellarMinister of Housing, Construction and Sanitation, said that the water service in tumbes it’s guaranteed.

Hania Pérez de Cuéllar said that, after the earthquake in Tumbes, water is guaranteed for the northern population. Video: TV Peru

The Minister of Health, rose gutierrezoffered details about the minor and said that, despite the fact that a group of doctors tried to save the girl’s life, they could not.

“The girl died from a severe head injury. He Minsa It will cover, through the SIS, what is needed to give it a Christian burial. We tell the family that we are all with you, ”she commented.

They confirm the death of a girl who was injured when the roof fell due to an earthquake in Tumbes

It is the first fatality. The minor suffered a severe head injury due to the collapse of her home

Alberto Otárola confirmed the death of a minor who was evacuated after the earthquake in Tumbes. Video: TV Peru

The president of the Council of Ministers, Alberto Otárola, confirmed this Saturday the death of a child under the age of four who was injured after the magnitude 7 earthquake that occurred at noon in Tumbes, a border region with Ecuador, where it was the epicenter.

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