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Georgina Rodriguez, wife of Cristiano Ronaldo, said she suffered three miscarriages before the twins’ pregnancy. In April of last year, one of the babies died after birth. The events were reported in the second season of the documentary series “Sou Georgina” (Netflix), which has not yet premiered, according to the newspaper El Español.

The publication claims that it had early access to the content and that, in the first episode, Georgina says that visits to the doctor during pregnancy left her worried thinking about previous losses. “Every time I went to the gynecologist, I had nightmares at night because I worried about what position they might be in, how the delivery would be, whether it would be a c-section. I was very afraid of every ultrasound, I was tense because I had had three miscarriages before and came home devastated”.

Georgina even recalled that she suffered from a constant malaise in the first months of the twins’ pregnancy. “A horrible period because she was throwing up all the time and she was very sleepy.” According to the newspaper, the model also comments on the loss of one of the babies and how it was to tell the other children about her brother’s death.

“They were born on Easter Monday, the most awaited moment arrives and the heart stops. Bella was born strong and healthy, but a piece of my heart broke”, he recalls. “You wonder how it will go on. I wasn’t ready to accept or acknowledge what had happened to me and I wasn’t ready to tell my kids.”

“Since I still had a belly, I told them that Ángel would still wait a while to be born, that he would be born later. Until Cris told them that Ángel was in heaven.”

Georgina and Cristiano are the parents of twins Matteo and Eva, five years old, Alana Martina, two and Bella Esmeralda, 11 months old.

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