Sarah Burlando was born on December 15while we all celebrated having won the World Cup in Qatar 2022, Barbie Franco was going through the process of labor that ultimately ended in a cesarean section. Although it was the new mother who revealed that she did not feel any pain.

Three months after Sarah’s arrival, Barbie Franco He showed his followers how the mark left by the cesarean section on his pelvis is. Fernando Burlando’s partner received a doctor who examined her and assured: “The scar is quite good, it is evolving very well”.

Barbie Franco
Barbie Franco and Sarah.

“I’m putting on cream”Sarah’s mom replied. However, the dermatologist advised her to help the skin recover with a specific treatment: plasma. With this technique they would also minimize the stretch marks that remained from the pregnancy.

What does the treatment that Barby Franco performs consist of?

Platelet-rich plasma is a blood derivative that stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and epidermal tissue, so that with its use a smoother, brighter and better quality skin is achieved. Platelet-rich plasma is an aesthetic treatment that seeks to rejuvenate facial skin, especially between the eyebrows, crow’s feet and the area between the nose and lips.

Currently, platelet biostimulation is also used for other treatments, such as the correction of stretch marks (since using the patient’s own plasma there is no risk of rejection of the substance and a good result is guaranteed), joint degeneration, burns or skin loss after surgery and open wounds due to ulcers.

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