Press reports revealed the developments in the case of Brazilian Dani Alves in prison, and indicated that the most titled player in history used to live within the walls, and established his own football competition.

The Spanish police have detained Alves since last January 20, after he was accused of sexual assault and rape of a girl in a night club in Barcelona, ​​​​Spain, on December 30 of last year, while the judge rejected his request for his temporary release after several contradictory accounts made by the player before the court regarding the case.

Joanna Sanz, the player’s wife, announced her separation from him a few days ago, through a post on her account on the “Instagram” application, which was a psychological shock to the former Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain back.

A report published by the Catalan newspaper “Sport” stated that the player is accustomed to life in prison and has adapted to it, and feels comfortable among other inmates.

She added: Inmates’ requests for shorts and sports shirts have doubled, due to the football matches that Alves organizes inside the prison, which has reached the point of creating a league of his own in which everyone participates.

Alves played for Barcelona from 2008-2016, then returned to the Spanish club in the 2021-2022 season, before moving to Mexico.

He has represented Brazil since 2006, winning 126 international matches and scoring eight goals.

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