Eyes to the sky, arms outstretched and a phrase: “Score goals and memories”. A poster in honor of Olivier Giroud was unveiled Friday in Froges, the village of 3,300 inhabitants about twenty kilometers northeast of Grenoble where the 36-year-old French international striker grew up.

According to France Bleu Isère, this work funded by Puma, one of the AC Milan center-forward’s sponsors, will remain on the wall of the building for at least a year, with two years renewable. Like a football contract, in fact…

“He’s our champ”

Former classmate of Giroud and now sports assistant at the town hall of Froges, Julien di Frenza explains that he was inspired by Zinedine Zidane’s poster in Marseille in 1998. “For us, it was natural, it’s our champion is the best striker in the world,” he told the radio station.

According to his brother Romain, present on Friday, the top scorer in the history of the Blues (53 achievements to date) “is very moved, very proud, very touched also by the place attributed to him by the town”. Bondy had paid a similar tribute to Kylian Mbappé in December 2019.

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