Take a nap

It can be very tempting to take a nap after lunch. But this can cause digestive discomfort, bloating and sleepiness problems. For what ? Because when lying down, food stagnates in the stomach and digestion is much more difficult. To prevent your body from working in slow motion all afternoon and to avoid any burning sensation in the esophagus or in the throat, it is thus advisable to wait two hours to be able to reach the sweet land of dreams.

To smoke a cigarette

Several studies highlight the dangers of smoking after a meal. Indeed, smoking after a meal would be equivalent to smoking several cigarettes at the same time and would considerably increase the risk of cancer. For what ? Because the swallowed nicotine passes directly into our digestive tract and mixes with the oxygen present in our blood.

Along with morning cigarettes, post-meal cigarettes are the second most dangerous. So to preserve your health, wait 1h30 after meals to light a cigarette!

Drink tea

During or after a meal, many of us drink a cup of tea. But this habit is to be avoided, because the tannins contained in the tea would cause the inhibition of certain digestive enzymes and would decrease the capacity of our organization to assimilate the iron of food of approximately 70%! However, we know that iron is essential to our body. To be able to benefit from all the virtues of tea and to avoid anemia, drink tea between meals, one hour before and/or after the meal.

Practice a sports activity

It is not recommended to play sports during digestion because your body already consumes a lot of energy. In addition to being less efficient, your body may not be able to process nutrients properly and may tire more quickly because you are asking it to work extra hard. This body fatigue can lead to gastric disorders, or even the risk of injury, tears or cramps.

We advise you to wait for the end of digestion, that is to say 3 hours after the meal, to start a sporting activity. If you really want to play sports after the lunch break, opt for gentle sports, such as yoga or a ten-minute digestive walk, for example.

Eat fruit for dessert

This last error may surprise you! While fruits contain fiber, vitamins and minerals, they also contain acid molecules, which increase stomach acidity. Beware of stomach aches!

So wait 1 to 2 hours after your snack to enjoy fruit, preferably in season.

Chew gum

After a meal, some are tempted to chew gum to keep their breath fresh when there is no toothbrush to hand. Except that by chewing your gum, you swallow air, which complicates digestion and creates bloating! A very unpleasant feeling!


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