And here we go again for a new burst of blind auditions! This Saturday March 18, 2023, The Voice opens a new chapter of its 12e season on young talents dreaming of rubbing shoulders with the stars and above all of being spotted by new coaches: Zazie, Vianney, Amel Bent and the brothers Big Flo and Oli. And it is also an opportunity for the public to discover or rediscover Xavier Polycarpe, a singer who has already made a career in music, notably with his group Gush. The young man especially ensured the first part of the show of Johnny Hallyday at the Stade de France as he will reveal it in front of the jury…. genuinely amazed. Questioned by our colleagues from Tele-Leisure, the artist will even say more about his meeting with the rocker: “We met him via Matthieu Chedid. At one point, he was asked to write an album for Johnny Hallyday and he thought of my brother, who was the drummer for Gush. Johnny met my brother, then he came to see us in a club in Los Angeles”, begins to explain the young talent.

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“Johnny was a bit of a disconnected guy but also very instinctive”

He then continues: Johnny “liked us, he invited us to his home, with Laeticia. We spent evenings singing Beatles songs, he told us a lot of stuff. He offered us to do the first part at the Stade de France (in 2012, editor’s note) then a stadium in Bordeaux. It was a bit surreal to see him. We mostly met him when we were in Los Angeles. It was a good moment in our career,” remembers the singer, very moved and still very impressed by his meeting with the Taulier. At the microphone ofEuropean 1Xavier Polycarpe will even add what this rare experience taught him: Johnny was a bit disconnected but also very instinctive. And that’s what he passed on to me. It was great to be able to meet him. I am very grateful to him because it opened doors for me.” Will the red armchairs turn over tonight for him? What is certain is that the singer is under pressure, he who still confides to the station: “The production came to get me and convinced me to participate in the show. Me, I didn’t have a very good image of TV hooks because you don’t necessarily control your image and you can also be manipulated on certain things. Eventually, I realized that The Voice really respected the identity of the artists and that there was a lot of freedom.” Wish him good luck!


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