Tiago Abravanel She took advantage of a corporate show to declare herself to her husband, Fernando Poli, who is 40 years old. As well as the clock set meia-noite on Saturday (18/3), the singer and actor cantou Parabéns a Você e encheu o amado de beijos.

“I know that Fernando Poli, who is my husband, was one of the two greatest presents that I could earn in my life. And now… ja passou da meia-noite? Today my husband completes 40 years! Gato dese jeito, forty!” Abravanel said, sniffing at her husband, who was shy near the box.

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“Every time it is a great chaos to get a present for you, because you are the greater present than I could win in my life. You are the most incredulous person, the most hurt, the most complaining, or the most f… face that life could present to me”, continued Tiago.

“You are 40 years old, I am certain that, as you changed my life, you changed the life of many people. My present for you is that you become the main protagonist of your life, so that you become Fernando Poli, or a funny face, to top it off, that everyone likes to see”, he wished.

Afterwards, Fernando Poli went up to the show box and listened to the husband sing Parabéns nos seus ouvidos, with direct hugs and kisses in love.

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