Every morning of the week, Thomas Sotto hosts on France 2 the famous show Telematin, alongside Julia Vignali. An activity that he doubles in the evening on RTL since he also presents a news program there. As a bonus, a journalist known and appreciated by the public, he is the joker of his channel for the 8 p.m. news and, normally, for the 8:30 p.m. magazine part of Laurent Delahousse, when the latter is on leave. Yes, but here it is, given his recent absence from the air, and invited by Eric Dussart on his show We redo the TVon Saturday March 11, 2023 on RTL, Thomas Sotto did not mince words to talk about his recent ousting when he had held the position of substitute for 6 years: “I’m completely honest, I didn’t really understand why, it was Laurent’s decision so I accept it, I don’t find it very relevant for the antenna. It was announced in a bit of a brutal way, honestly. I was preparing for 8:30 p.m. with Stephan Eicher and there I was told the rules are changing… afterwards, I’m not going to make a drama out of it… It changed a few days before, and afterwards it’s the baby of Laurent, I don’t dispute that (…) it was he who at the beginning said to me ‘Come, I want you to come to France 2 to be my joker at 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.’… well, it’s not very serious… We talked about it.”

“He is never happy anywhere. He has a Calimero side ouin-ouin”

However, since then, and according to our colleagues from Parisianthe relationship between the two journalists would really no longer be in good shape! “The atmosphere is even icy between the two men”, relates the daily life. As reported by a member of the editorial staff of France Televisions At Parisian, “Thomas was angry. He had with Laurent tense exchanges by text message. The dialogue is broken between them”.

Contacted by our colleagues, neither of the two interested parties wished to speak on this matter. But this is not the only source of tension that has the editorial staff talking about France 2since Thomas Sotto also announced on RTL that he was not sure to continue the adventure Télématin: “Today I don’t know if I’m continuing. I have other projects, I have other desires” he had indeed declared. And The Parisian to reveal that in reality, the atmosphere with the teams of Telematin, including her co-host Julia Vignali, was not the best! A rather strange and disturbing atmosphere that makes some colleagues of Thomas Sotto say: “If he’s looking to up the ante, he’s going pretty early in the season!” one of them is having fun. “It is not very clear where he could go. He has already changed a lot of creameries in recent years”, ironically another. Or : “He is never happy anywhere. He has a Calimero ouin-ouin side”, says a “comrade” on set. To be continued…


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