Being a public figure is never easy. If the actors, singers, or even sportsmen, earn a relatively good living, the perks can sometimes be complicated to manage. Especially when rumors circulate about them. And Patrick Bruel is not going to say the opposite. The 63-year-old artist has been the subject of a rumor for several weeks which seems to annoy him to the highest degree. Many Internet users accuse the singer of the Enfoirés of being an “antivax”. But if it was just that…

Because yes, the interpreter of “Place of great men” was also accused of asking that Restos du Cœur distributions be reserved only for those who have a full four-dose vaccination schedule. An aberration for the singer who wanted to let it know. Guest this Friday, March 17 on South Radio, he wanted to clarify the situation with Céline Alonzo and Philippe David. The first reminding him of the rumor in question. “The fake news, it does not stop and I absolutely wanted to ask you, info or intox?”began the journalist before getting to the heart of the matter: “There is a rumor circulating on social networks. You would have asked that Restos du Coeur distributions be reserved only for those who have a complete vaccination schedule of four doses!”

Patrick Bruel and his update on a rumor concerning Les Enfoirés and Les Restos du Cœur

Patrick Bruel, very annoyed to see this rumor put back on the table, took advantage of the question from his counterpart to make a point. “Never in life. It’s total fake news”he defended himself from the outset before recalling: “I saw this kind of fabricated image as if BFMTV had made a banner. But the journalists of BFM TV were shocked and outraged too”.

The one who had to come out of the scene collapsed in the past did not stop there. Indeed, he also took the opportunity to discuss the “fake accounts” that pretend to be him: “It’s not just that. There are also the bastards who hide behind fake accounts to try to extract money in my name”. Worse still, we would use our domain located in the Vaucluse to try to scam people: “There is a scam even on the LEOS estate. But all that already, it will go to the police and then to the courts”. Patrick Bruel assures him, he “don’t leave it like that” and intends to make life difficult for “jokes” who peddle false rumors about him or play with his image.


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