Yes Maria esteve em uma live next to Narcisa tamborindeguy in the social networks and explained why I still did not return to the boxes. From the fim da dupla with Simone, to coleguinha I still don’t return to my musical career, different from her sister. A singer has time to take care of herself.

“I don’t have any shows to take care of more than myself and two of my children,” explained Simaria, who completed: “I want to start working on my image. I’m still finishing the cycles, for when I go back, I want to go back well, raising smiles”.

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Simaria also spoke about new musical partnerships and revealed that she was willing to sing alongside Pabllo Vittar. Regarding the criticism that she received, the singer said that she did not fall for it. “I am very authentic, just like you, Narcisa. I always speak to the truth of what I thought. The people forget me and never feel this truth, and that is why I have so much bullying. I’m bullied because I’m talking about everything or what I thought, ”she locked her up.

Simaria speaks in peace after Simone affirms that she was blocked by the irmã

A supposed confusion between the girls Simone and Simaria Mendes Continue to give what to talk about in the social networks. After Kaká Diniz’s wife affirms that the older sister’s social networks are blockedSimaria ignored the ruse and falou about peace in a photo posted on Twitter.

“Starting the week in PEACE”, wrote Simaria in a post. In another, she said: “Our mind is never well unless it is when it is at peace with itself.”

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