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sharon stone, 65, claimed to have lost “half” of his fortune. As he hinted during a speech at a charity event in support of the Fund for Cancer Research in Women (WCRF), held this week, this would have occurred because of the bankruptcy of the Silicon Valley Bankwhich collapsed just over a week ago.

Although she did not mention the name of the financial institution, which was the largest bank by deposits in Silicon Valley and operated mainly with venture capital investors and start-up companies, she described the fact as being a consequence of this “bank thing”. . The case has raised fears of a broader banking crisis.

“I know this thing where you have to go in and figure out how to send money via text message is hard. I’m a tech idiot, but I know how to write a fucking check,” she said to encourage those in attendance to donate to the charity. “And at this point, that’s taking a lot of courage, because I know what’s going on. I just lost half my money on this bank thing.”

She also remembered her brother, Patrick, who died last month, aged 57, from a heart attack. “My brother just died, but I’m here anyway,” she said. The actress, who was honored with an award for her courage and moved on stage, was applauded after the speech.

Recently, Stone revealed on the “Table for Two” podcast that he lost custody of his son for starring in the film. “Wild instinct”, 1992. She reports that a judge asked her son during the hearing if the child knew that the mother made “sex movies.” “This kind of abuse by the system judged the kind of mother I was because I made a movie,” she complained.

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