After it came to light that they had made a search at the house of Morena Rial In Córdoba, it was the influencer who brought out the rags in the sun about the situation she is experiencing with her ex-partner and father of her son, Facundo Ambrosini.

“He is a puncher and manipulator. This time I’m going for everything”warned Morena Rial obviously tired of sustaining a situation that hit rock bottom after the search that Ambrosini had asked to be carried out at her house, denouncing that she was stealing and that they want to kick her out of the neighborhood where she lives.

Morena Rial denounced that she was a victim of gender violence by her son's father:
Morena’s post.

“It is already the third complaint for gender violence that this animal has, I don’t know what they expect”sentenced the daughter of the driver who was treated at the Polo de la Mujer in Córdoba and at the Allende Sanatorium for the blows that her ex-partner would have caused her.

“That’s how he left me”sentenced Brunette along with images of his battered body. “Every time I had to get contacts and trout things so that he seems like a decent person and that he is psychologically well. For my son I always ended up forgiving him. But enough, you tired me”closed the daughter of Rial.

Morena Rial denounced that she was a victim of gender violence by her son's father:
The evidence provided by Morena Rial.

Morena Rial assured that she also hit her son

“My son is going to be with his mother because you hit him too and I don’t follow out of respect for my son. When he is with you he wants to go back to my house. You are a disgusting father and person”expressed the influencer with an image of her son sitting on her lap.

To end, Brunette He published a postcard in which he hugs Francesco, his son, and wrote: “Always like this son. Mommy will never let go of your hand. You and I know what we went through”.

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