Blockade of both directions on the León-Irapuato highway

Users on social networks have reported that a group of protesters have closed the León-Irapuato highway, near Juárez, for an eviction of a property. We recommend taking alternate routes. CAPUFE reported that to consult this section it is recommended to dial 088 of the National Guard.

Accident in Cuenavaca bypass

The agency Caminos y Puentes Federales de Ingresos y Servicios Conexos (CAPUFE), reported on an accident that occurred in the bypass cuernavaca, at kilometer 86 in the direction of Mexico City. The circulation in side rails was seriously affected, so they urged motorists to take their precautions.

Total closure in Oaxaca

Due to the presence of protesters, at km 283, on the highway Coatzacoalcos- Salina Cruz, Traffic has been closed in the sections from Tehuantepec towards Salina Cruz. Authorities continue to divert motorists.

Closure in circulation (Twitter/@GN_Carreteras)
Closure in circulation (Twitter/@GN_Carreteras)

Increase in the collection of booths

On March 6, the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT) informed that the rate on the highways of the National Infrastructure Fund (FONDIN) would be adjusted, which increased by 7.82 percent.


Heavy traffic in Tlalpan

Vehicular influx is recorded on the busiest roads in Mexico City, towards the Cuernavaca exit as a viaduct Tlalpan and Peripheral Ring, especially in the “bottlenecks” when arriving in the Y area, to join the highway of the Federal Mexico Cuernavaca highway.

Heavy traffic on Av. Tlalpan from the subway General Anaya I did the exits.

Accident at the Cuautitlán Izcalli exit

A vehicular mishap was recorded at the height of Tepalcapa, at the exit of the Mexico-Queretaro highway, heading north. Security elements arrived at the scene. Take precautions against slow progress.

Incident on the Zapotlanejo – Lagos de Moreno highway

On the 80D highway, San Miguel section in the direction of Lagos de Moreno, incidents are attended. Cars drive along the Alta lane.

Lagos de Moreno (Government of Mexico)
Lagos de Moreno (Government of Mexico)

Weather conditions

On the Querétaro highway, at the height of the Plaza de Cobro Tepotzotlán, partial rains were recorded. Motorists slow down, warn to take precautions.

Grass fire breaks out

The Vía Corta Network indicated that in the Acatic section, kilometer 20 in the direction of Guadalajara, there was a fire in pastures. Authorities recommend driving with extreme caution.

Highway Mexico Cuernavaca

Vehicle load is recorded in the direction of Cuernavaca. Authorities reported taking precautions. Users report the presence of trailers.


Vehicular Load Querétaro

Queretaro Northwest Bypass, Chichimequillas Collection Plaza. Registers vehicle load in the direction of Mexico City, approximately 15 km of row.

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