Recently, the news circulated on the internet that or Marcos Oliveira, famous for his character Beiçola, in the series A Grande Família, from TV Globo, had died. A pity without grace in the life of a comedian is not uncommon, because this time, the fake news that faked death ironically placed holofotes in Marcos’ life.

The last few years have not been done. The man, aged 66, underwent some surgeries due to an acute myocardial infarction and a fistula in the urethra. Health is fragile or impossible to work and you don’t need to be good at mathematics to understand the result of this equation: lack of money.

The situation reached such a point that he needed to do “vaquinhas” on the internet to get funding or treatment I tied myself to eat. A friend Tatá Werneck created a health plan for Marcos, essential to continue as doctors today, but to suppress the other accounts or still survives on charity.

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