manoel soares used by the social networks in this sixth fair (17/3), to make a statement regarding the Expulsions of Cara de Sapato and MC Guimê from BBB23. It is worth noting that the ex-brothers were accused of harassing a Mexican “participant”, Dania Mendez in the last quarter-feira (3/15).

In a published video no instagramthe presenter of Globo reflects on toxic masculinity and says that the problem is in the great majority of men.

“What happened in Big Brother Brazil was historic. Both Guimê and Cara de Sapato are not sozinhos nesses erros. Eu, você é é homem, que está vendo aí do otro lado, también estamos com el nesses erros, ea pueblo sistema entender esso”, he said.

Manoel Soares continued to challenge: “For a long time the women are saying enough is enough. And people relativize, leva na brincadeira, because we are affected and our love does not make our attitudes so serious, we try to relativize this problem, but it is not more possible”.

The host Lembrou even though what happened could be a crime. “Some acts are typified in the penal code. I believe that the majority of men need therapy to overcome their toxic masculinity”, he continued.

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He also commented on the reaction that the brothers had at the time of the expulsion: “The surprised face of Guimê and Cara de Sapato are not interpretative, they were in fact surprised at that moment, because the error is so naturalized not in our daily life that at people think: ‘Or what will happen?’”, he affirmed.

“Chegou now gives people change our position. This change needs to happen with therapy, with humility, and we need to ask: ‘Am I wrong? Did I make you bad? Am I offending you?’, ‘Ah, but I’m going to be a stranger and I’m doing it’, I’m not going to, maybe you’re just a little more conscious”, Manoel concluded.

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