The public exposure of the privacy of ex-married Gabi Martins, 26, and Lincoln Lau, 33, is not over. After the singer and ex-BBB disclosed impressions that confirmed a betrayal of the gamer, he also manifested himself on social networks.

In a video, posted in our Stories, Lincoln says that he was attacked by Gabi Martins and that he is facing severe depression.

“Why doesn’t she say that she assaulted me three times during the discussions? That she calls me out of all possible names? I never touched it, never touched it”, falou Lincoln Lau.

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Also on the social network, Lincoln posted a text.

“Nenhum fofoqueiro is interested in the truth, people want to see the circus hit fire and tell the version that sells more, to understand this issue and extract the maximum profit. My conscience is calm, I have balance and sanity so as not to go out there talking about everything or what I could say”, he says in an excerpt.

As a column LeoDias revealed with exclusivity in the sixth fair (17/3)the name of Gabi Martins and Lincoln Lau ended up due to an infidelity of the gamer.

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