isabella scherer Fez um forte relató em su Instagram nessa sexta-feira (17/3). After the expulsion of MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato from BBB23 for sexual harassment against Dania Mendeza campeã do MasterChef Brasil 8 recounted cases of siege that he suffered throughout his life.

Atriz also began her story by saying that “do not react to a besieged, it does not mean consent”, and pointed to the first time she was besieged.

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Everything happened, according to her, behind the scenes of a novel, where a sex dinner would be, and the director wanted to see if she was like the right outfit for dinner:

“Ele já chegou pushing my blouse and sniffing inside my blouse, sniffing for my peito. He had to be frozen for a very long time, so much so that he touched himself and apologized. But I didn’t manage to react and I didn’t say anything.”

Immediately, Isa recounted a situation that happened with a casting coach, who passed by hand in her legs: “This must have lasted about 10 minutes and I couldn’t get any reaction. I knew exactly what was happening.”

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